Fresh spring tea stands are on the way…(finally!)

My apologies for leaving our poor High Tea for Alice etsy shop bare of tiered cupcake towers & china tea stands for so long. Believe me, it has not been by choice! I’ve received a letter a day lately asking if any stands are ready that are not in the shop, and I’ve had to, with guilt & head hung low, explain that my writing deadlines have kept me from shopping for antique plates, designing tea trays, unpacking dishes, drilling each one, assembling the tea stands, photographing them & posting them in the shop. Though incredibly thrilling, it takes more time than you can imagine when simply admiring the finished tiers! Writing & editing for magazines & other clients, my “other life,” has eaten much of my winter months when I would rather have been dreaming up new cake plate designs… Alas… spring is near and 3-tiered tea stands & jewelry stands will be filling the shop again. Here is a sneak peek at our first group. More soon, you have my word. : )Spring_2014_tiered_tea_stand_cake_plate_cupcake_tower_trays_of_vintage_china_plates_with_tea_cups

New rental stands created for a BBC event!

Well a warm and wonderful big thanks to the BBC for inspiring us to create more centerpiece rentals! … Yes, the British Broadcasting Corporation recently rented our tea stands for a private tea party event at the landmark Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena near Los Angeles, CA. To stack up their lovely tea sandwiches & macarons for some very fancy guests, they needed 20 unique 3-tiered stands. Who can say no to the BBC?!? So, off we went to create more cupcake rental stands. See the full selection in the tea stands for rent gallery, along with a glimpse of their gorgeous event below… What an honor, to say the least!

tea party centerpiece 3-tiered rental stands

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Can you spot the plate from England?

mad_hatter_wedding_cake_plate_tea_stand_display_alice_in_wonderland_tea_party_large_dessert_pedestal_centerpiece_macaron_serving_trayWho doesn’t love English fine bone china? It’s some of the best you can buy, and much of it is well marked on the back with the china house name as well as, ideally, the pattern name, making it fairly easy to date it. That said, other china destinations also produce pieces that are equally lovely & have their own unique qualities such as sculpted rims, embossed borders, hand-painted details or a delicate feel.

In this recent 4-tier cupcake stand and tea tray in four pastel colors — in what I call a “layer cake” look — can you spot the plate that is English china? Okay, you got me… It’s a trick question! None of these beauties was made in England, proving my point precisely. But very pretty all the same, don’t you think? Origins from top to bottom: Germany; Austria; USA; USA.

“Splurge” on roses, grab a tea cup

Over the weekend, I wanted to photograph one of our 3-tier teacup towers, soon to be in the Etsy shop. I needed miniature roses, and found them at Trader Joe’s. Their everyday Spray Roses are just $1.99 in a variety of colors. (I think I’ll be “splurging” more often…) Done with the shoot, and the stems cut short, I was looking for a proper vase. I’m embarrassed to admit my Hubby suggested my favorite teacup. He does have an artful eye!

Here, my beloved pink Hammersley cup, adorned in gold hearts, cupids (or are they angels?) and filigree. Normally reserved for tea, it’s just the right size for a pocketful of roses…

The prettiest saucer in the world?

pretty_teaL_butterfly_saucer-001When I came across a saucer on Etsy this morning titled “Prettiest Saucer in the World,” I just had to take a peek. (Wouldn’t you?) I agree, she IS pretty, with gold birds on branches & flowers set into cameos. (Though the prettiest saucer in the world for me would likely be pink!)

I could never bear to drill this one, which, of course, would also ruin the butterfly flitting around in the center. She would be incredible to display, however!

I never judge the beauty of a china plate or cup by its price or maker, so the fact that the china maker is unknown would be just fine with me. I thought you’d like to see it, too. If you’ve seen a saucer even prettier, do let me know! This teal saucer is available at HappyGoVintage.

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