Red & Gold French-Inspired Wedding Glamour


My lovely friend (who I have only ever met virtually) Joyce Goeppinger, event designer of La Vie la Gage events in Colorado recently finished a wedding shoot that transports one to the romantic yesteryears of Paris with its infusion of French opulence. Recently published in Highlands Ranch Magazine, it is also set to appear in Rocky Mountain Bride and Artfully Wed. And it’s no mystery as to why! There were so many heavenly photos from her inspiration shoot that it took 3 publications to handle it all. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the editors’ shoes who had to choose from all the glamour! The cascading floral designs in gold and white urns truly stole my heart. But the rich tablescapes and bridal boudoir set up weren’t far behind. Ever aspect of Joyce’s shoot was grand, dreamy, and larger than life… I love it all, all, all! Finally, I have just finished listing our lavish red and gold tiered tea stands that are featured in the story in the Etsy shop boutique. Once they disappear, only memories remain…

Even Disney Loves High Tea for Alice

Well it’s hard for a vintage china tea-stand shop to be more flattered than when an event planner calls and says, “We need two of your pink tea trays for an event we are coordinating for Disney, pronto!” Needless to say, I was ready to drop everything I was doing to make it happen. Though I have yet to see photos from the event, these two pink 3-tiered cake plates were apparently featured at a private event to promote the new “Through the Looking Glass” movie. I can only imagine it was quite a tea party with some impressive guests and beautifully set tables! If I ever hear more, I will be sure to fill you in.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Rents Our Stands

tea_party_stands_for_rent_rental_cupcake_towersMy little photo collage does no justice whatsoever to this beautiful tea party bridal shower (hosted by lovely hostesses!) at a private La Jolla estate. Five of our tiered china tea and cupcake stands shipped off to this coastal Southern California destination for the event. Pink macarons in tea cups and rosy pink and purple floral arrangements gave our centerpieces the perfect environment! We love the mini quiches all stacked up for a bridal brunch. Though our custom tea stand studio and rental cupcake towers are now based in Palm Springs, CA, we do ship them out for special events. Just be in touch…

Nothing holds treats like a 4 tier display

These 2 lovely ladies, 4 tiers of vintage pastel china plates, will be making their way to the Etsy shop soon. As pretty as they are for treats–from wedding cupcakes to homemade cookies to tiny sandwiches–I always love photographing them with jewelry. I have my own tiered jewelry stand holder made of 3 vintage white china saucers and I do say it comes in handy. A nice way to admire all of your baubles even when you’re going nowhere at all…


Sneak peek: 3-piece coordinating jewelry stand

high_tea_for_alice_3_tier_jewelry_stand_with_cream_pitcherA little cream pitcher sits atop this dreaming-of-spring 3-tier jewelry stand. Its vintage china pieces are unmarked, but that didn’t stop me from snatching them up the moment I saw them. In addition to the pink lilies & shining gold trim, I was taken in by the deep, wide bowl that became its middle tier. I need to do some research on what this bowl would have been used for. I haven’t seen a set like it before. Usually you find a matching cream pitcher & small sugar bowl. But this bowl is larger… and with a matching plate. I guess it’s a lovely mystery! Coming soon to the High Tea for Alice etsy shop

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